Homeowner: Elizabeth Young
Artists: Alexis Gault, Marissa Kay, Bobb Lovett  

Enter Elizabeth’s home and step into a single girls’ paradise! Her loft has a very unique piece of artwork that local artist Amie Esslinger created for the space. Cozy, comfy and warm with all the creature comforts a damsel might demand. Breathe it in and understand why Elizabeth likes to pretend she lives in a tower palace in an Old World setting.

For Marissa Kay, being creative started very early in her life, which led quite naturally to a life as a multifaceted artist. She has been a professional make-up artist with clients in the print, film and television industries for over ten years. This, in turn, feeds her other passions: painting and jewelry design.  Her biggest inspirations are nature, music and vintage charm.  Marissa also creates cards, tealight holders, vintage magnets, plaques, and vinyl record bowls – to make one- of-a-kind masterpieces. www.facebook.com/MarissaKayeMakeupArtist

Bobb Lovett has been a member of the Atlanta film industry since 2003. His work includes The Signal, Goodbye Day, and Last Goodbye. During this time, he rediscovered his passion for still photography and has contributed photographs to Southeast Performer as well as other independent magazines. Bobblovett.com

Alexis Gault founded Lush Life Originals in 2005 and it’s not surprising that her life long obsession with fabric would result in an original line of clothing. “I make clothes that accentuate the beautiful curves of a woman’s body and make her feel great.” The designs are simple, rare and create the distinction of affordable, limited production runs. www.lushlifeoriginals.com