Terrell Clark

Loft: H523

Photographer Terrell Clark is an engaged member of the Stacks community, and was also on the Spirit of the Gulf Coast expedition. A volunteer team organized by Brandon Sutton, the group traveled to the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of the BP oil spill to document the stories of locals in communities most impacted by the disaster.

This unique photo exhibit moves beyond the headlines to get up close and personal with coastal residents who continue to suffer the ongoing impacts of this tragic event. The exhibit will be displayed in the Tower loft and prints can be purchased to support the Spirit of the Gulf Coast project. www.SpiritOfTheGulfCoast.com.

In addition, Terrell is also showing compelling lifestyle and portrait images from his 2005 and 2006 trip to East Africa in his exhibit, Eyes of Uganda. This engaging exhibit takes one on a visual journey into Uganda for a very unique perspective on this “gem of Africa.” Terrell’s art book, Eyes of Uganda: A Sociological Perspective, is a must-have for any collector of fine art photography, which can be purchased at http://eyesofuganda.com/