Melody Trivisone

Loft: H423

Encaustic Artist Melody Trivisone makes her home in Cabbagetown, a small community in downtown Atlanta that embraces many artists. Melody trained in the encaustic medium through workshops and self study. It was her passion for abstract art and texture in art that led her to encaustics. Through the many layers of beeswax, carving and layering again, Melody’s work tends to create itself. “I start with something and end up with whatever. It’s fascinating!” Melody says.

For years I have been fascinated with organic texture and all things involving texture. Perhaps this is why I was drawn to explore encaustics. With this medium I can satisfy my passion for organic color and subject matter as well as experiment with a myriad of textural applications that I have learned and developed. Encaustic Art has become therapy for me through scent, touch and use of organic and natural materials and objects.

Melody shows her work in galleries and venues throughout the Southeast, including Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta, Taylor Kinzel Gallery in Roswell, Bennett Gallery in Nashville and at The Quinlan Fine Art Center in Gainesville, Georgia. Her work will also be featured in American Art Collector magazine in the April issue.