Beverly Schnell

Loft: E407

Beverly Schnell’s work reflects the sensual organic forms found in nature.  She incorporates the use of curves from the body and other natural elements to inspire her passion for designing and creating jewelry.  Color, shape and texture combine to give a unique yet fashionable look.  She has a talent for designing jewelry that is original in idea and organic in feel and shape.  It has a presence without being overwhelming, using color and texture to visually attract the eye of the beholder and express a mood or feeling.

She has defined her talents and skills while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from the School for American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology in 1995.  There she had hands on training in traditional techniques in metalsmithing such as forging, casting, stamping, engraving and chasing and repousé, and bezel and pavé stone setting.  She has also explored more modern techniques such as aluminum anodizing.  Since moving to Atlanta in 2005 she has learned Russian Filigree, Roman chain, granulation, crocheting with metal, mokame gane, keum bo, and anticlastic and synclastic forming.

She finds great joy in designing and creating each piece and hopes each recipient will find just as much excitement in wearing and owning one of her high quality pieces.