Fifth Annual Tour Results

You probably remember we charged $5 for admission to the tour. The goal was to make a donation or two towards admirable efforts around Cabbagetown. Here is a brief snapshot of the financial results of the tour:

>>Escrow 2011:  $1,159.05
>>Expenses:       $5,243.67
>>Receipts:         $7,905.00
>>Escrow 2012:  $1,020.38

That leaves us with $2,800 to donate to worthy causes around Cabbagetown. And here is what the Stacks Lofts+Artists Tour team decided to do…

City Camp And Wilderness Works $1400: City Camp and Wilderness Works is run by it’s Director, Bill Mickler and is located near the corner of Boulevard and Memorial. Bill creates a safe, nurturing, creative, active environment for kids in our neighborhood. They do things like take field trips to The Georgia Aquarium, The High Museum and musical performances.

We were able to present City Camp with a check in the amount of $1400. Bill asked us to thank all his neighbors and friends at The Stacks. In actuality, it is all of us who should thank Bill for all he does with the children in and around Cabbagetown. A job well done Bill!

Grant Park Cooperative Preschool $1400: IGPCP operates within the cozy confines of The Cabbagetown Community Center. As you know, Cabbagetown is a tightly knit community that is built upon the broad shoulders of it’s blue collar roots. We believe there is nothing we can’t accomplish. Our vibe has slowly morphed into an equally vibrant, diverse, artistic community that has a firm grip on the “can-do” roots of its past.

Appropriately enough, GPCP uses music, art, literature and imagination to encourage it’s students to learn, and expand their minds. These kids believe that anything is possible which is just fine with us, since they will be the next generation of Cabbageheads who continue to make our neighborhood a great place to live, work and create.