Homeowner: Terri Jagger Blincoe
Artist: Terri Jagger Blincoe

“Living in a greenhouse” is the best way to describe this quaint 732sq. ft. corner studio with five, ten-foot tall windows. Touches include a room divider of antique windows suspended from the ceiling, an early 1900’s wall mounted herb cabinet, and a custom-built closet. It’s the ideal in-town home for Terri, who spends much of the season farming organically on her 14-acre farm in North Georgia.

Terri’s Ladybug Farms offers ideal holiday gifts, grown and produced at her farm: Wild Blackberry Preserves, Concord Grape Jam, Pickled Okra, Jalapeno and Cayenne Peppers, Sourwood Comb Honey, Stone Ground Polenta, Farm Fresh Eggs, and Black Walnut & Tea Tree Salve. Please visit www.ladybugfarms.net.