Lisa Rowley

Loft: E119

Lisa Rowley has been painting in watercolor for years and vibrant colors are an integral part of her artwork. She is always fascinated to see the way the colors flow together, never creating the same form, and often resulting in a clean and straightforward design. Recently, she has become immersed in the world of encaustic painting. Mixing her own medium of beeswax and tree resin, Lisa then adds pigment and heat. Fusing the layers together with a propane torch results in a shiny and smooth finish. Intuitively and spontaneously, she creates patterns of nature with dreamy backgrounds and translucent layers of color, sometimes adding sticks of bamboo, ginkgo leaves or carving leaves of ivy producing unexpected textures and a depth of imagery which is hard to duplicate with other mediums. Lisa’s studio is located in Atlanta and welcomes visitors. Please call 404-859-9144 for directions and visit