Terrell Clark

Loft: H425

Terrell Clark is an engaged member of The Stacks community, and is currently working on a project dubbed, 3 Feet Above Sea Level: A Photographic Essay of The French Quarter. This project seeks to document and reveal those elements that define the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. Due to its elevation above sea level, The French Quarter received minimal damage by comparison to the rest of New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina. Using a pin-hole camera that causes long exposure times, these images reflect an averaging of time so that the true essence of this neighborhood is revealed. The resulting images have a dreamlike effect that further engages the viewer to look deeper into these surrealistic vistas. Select black and white images will be on display from this on-going study as part of this year’s tour. Terrell is also the photographer of this year’s Stacks Lofts + Artists Tour print media. Visit www.terrellclark.com or email him at terrell@terrellclark.com.

Terrell’s wife, Nanziri (Nan) will be serving Kawa Java, a Ugandan coffee with unparalleled body, character and complexity. Kawa Java is Africa’s number one Fair Trade organic coffee, exporting Uganda’s finest distinctive green coffee beans to the United States. Through Kawa Java, Nanziri brings the rich tradition of Ugandan coffee into the lives of modern coffee connoisseurs in the United States. Purchase Kawa Java and know that you are supporting Nan‘s efforts towards improving the quality of life of the Ugandan farmer. Visit us at www.kawajava.com.

Coffee provided by Kawa Java