Milltown Tavern

Milltown Tavern – Adjacent to the Stacks at 180 Carroll St. (Access on foot from the Carroll St. exit gates)
Artist: Tracey Burke
Adjacent to The Stacks at 180 Carroll Street (access on foot from Carroll Street exit gates.

Milltown Tavern came to be some seven years ago when Owner, Chris McGinness, had the vision to turn a broken down Cabbagetown building into the Milltown Tavern. In another life, this structure was the administrative home for the Boys and Girls’ Club during the days’ of the old Mills’ operations. The parking lot served as a playground.

Later, Chris’ mom, Barb Keeney Harper and brother, HJ, joined in making Milltown Tavern one of Cabbagetown’s most humble family businesses. Stop by and view the work of artist, Tracy Burke.