Homeowner: Tina Koile
Artist: Kawana

Tina moved into the Stacks in the summer of 2011 from Savannah Georgia. When she was a young teen she always dreamed of living downtown in a hip loft. When she was transferred to the Atlanta area after three combat tours she fell in love with the Cabbagetown area and the architecture of The Stacks.

Tina has been using her condo to tap into her secret desire to be an interior decorator. This top floor space has a great view of the city skyline as well as the historic boiler room and presents a perfect place to display a huge eight feet wide by eight feet tall, Indonesian teak wood carving of a lotus flower. Tina has been in the US Army for over 16 years and feels right at home in Cabbagetown! And Cabbagetown thanks Tina for her honourable devotion to our Country.