Zachary Toth

Loft: E009

Zachary Toth came to Atlanta by way of Pittsburgh and is an Art Institute Alumni with a 2009 Bachelor of Science in Photography & Design.

Zachary’s work offers a fresh & unique perspective on everyday & ordinary things. His work will display a myriad of Architecture, Lifestyle, Urban Terrain, and a candid eye on Atlanta’s Culture. A series of framed prints will carry the message to viewers and show them a new view on things they may have looked at, or over, a million times. Zachary specializes in combining traditional elements with newer contemporary themes and a bit of experimentation in each piece.

His portraits will give you insight into the subjects soul, and his candid take on Atlanta culture makes you feel like you are actually there in the action. Overall, Zachary’s expertise in Portrait, Landscape, and Photo Journalism Photography will take any viewer on a journey through Atlanta, one of Americas most eclectic cities.