Loft: E215

Jert is Absurdist pop artist Jeremy Townsend. He was born and raised in the Crystal Meth capitol of the United states; Jefferson County, Missouri. He wasted most of his youth at hardcore and punk rock shows in the dive bars and basements of nearby St. Louis. He escaped to New Orleans at the turn or the century where he lived and worked as a cartoonist. He spent the next 6 years traveling and living in 4 different cities at 6 different times, ending up back in New Orleans just in time for Hurricane Katrina. He and his wife evacuated to Orlando briefly and then landed in Atlanta in 2006, where he has resided ever since.

Jert’s work is inspired by the images that commercialism burns into our minds. He believes in retaking control of our minds and perception by re-interpreting these images to fit into our imaginations instead of the other way around.