A. Abo

Loft: C220

Hello, my name is Adegoriola Abodunrin and welcome to my professional art page. My art career started in 2012 when I was talking to my mother, who is also an artist. I was speaking with her in her room when out of nowhere my daughter stops me in mid conversation saying, “Daddy you’re going to be a G R E A T artist!” Immediately, I replied, “How do you know?” She then replied “Because GOD told me”. The moment she said that, my life changed and has never been the same. I immediately began painting. I had no clue of my gifting but she delivered the greatest gift to me a father could ever receive.

I began experimenting with different mediums and materials until I figured out which one best suited my style. I am still amazed at the each work of art created by my hands. I invite you to take a look at all of the beauty in this world and this thing we as human beings call life through my eyes. Thanks for taking the time out to observe my work! It’s an honor! Hopefully it will leave you captivated, motivated, and inspired!

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