Whitney Wolf & The Jack Ellis Company

Loft: H523

Whitney Wolf:
In freeing myself from the rigidity of details I can capture the conversation with the subject, the loose gestural impression with an honesty of materials and application.

I’ve minimalized my compositions by eliminating unnecessary details to reveal the essence of a scene. I’m interested in replicating that personal conversation and impression of nature.


The Jack Ellis Company:
Our company’s mission is to provide quality unique custom pieces of handcrafted furniture and accessories to those who respect what we do.

Founded in 2013 by Michael Gokey and Whitney Wolf, our shop is located in the Rail Arts District within Avondale Estates. Named after our firstborn sons, Jack and Ellis have inspired us to make something that lasts. It’s time we build something that the next generation can enjoy and be proud of.

Artist Contact Info :
http://whitneywolf.com http://www.thejackelliscompany.com