Homeowner: Natalie Young
Artist: Zack Rusell

This loft was purchased in December of 2007 and we were one of the first owners in the re-purposed Cotton Mill Lofts.  Unfortunately, we were only able to live in our loft for a short time before a tornado came through Atlanta in March of 2008 causing severe damage to the portion of the building containing our loft.

After months of repair we were able to return and make the loft that you see today our perfect home.  When the Cotton Mill was operating in the 19th century, this loft was part of the Mill’s offices.  You’ll note that the current closet was actually an office safe.  The history of the building and the uniqueness of each loft add to the charm of living in this building and this community.

In this loft in particular you’ll notice that we have incorporated rustic design elements into this modern space, making it feel warm and inviting in a way that we believe is a subtle reflection of our deep Arkansas roots.  Welcome to our home, we hope you enjoy your time in this space as much as we do.  Cheers!