Homeowner: Robert White

 The unit is the farthest front corner of the C Building, and features a pretty fantastic view of the downtown skyline, as well as a large “pop up” skylight, flooding the space with sun/moonlight.  It’s the largest floor plan available in the leased potion of our complex, with six factory Windows and two walks of exposed brick (it’s a corner unit).  Here’s my brief description:

C-522 has been completely re-thought, with custom wainscoting, renovated kitchens and baths, and custom furnishings. Probably the most noticeable element differentiating the loft from other surrounding units, however, is the refinished gloss white floor throughout. The gallery-style flow of the plan, along with custom paint, wall coverings, lightings, finishes, and the view (!!!) make it a crown jewel of the C corner.