Amanda Dashwood

Loft: E307

Amanda was born into a very creative family and an art filled city. Her mom is a jack of all trades, sister is a graphic designer and brother a digital media designer. She has dabbled all her life with her creative soul and imagination lurking close by. Although her passion started out in painting, she decided to major in the building arts and received my BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Interior Design. Creating authentic intelligent spaces can be rewarding and fun but she still needs painting in her life to fill that creative void in her heart.

With her paintings she has combined what she loves; portraits, with the style she loves most; non- objective. This style of painting gives her a joyful spontaneity and free mind and spirit when painting the non-objective portion. While engaging the very methodical and focused technique required to create the inner essence of the subject.

amanda dashwood paintings.pdf