Sasha Buzzetta & Lori Buff

Loft: E309

Sasha: My process is entirely intuitive, using clay to interpret my observations, dreams and to explore the frailty of our humanity. The work begins with a seed of an idea based on mythology, mysticism, an emotion, from the collective unconscious, or my observations of daily life to convey my own personal narrative.

Lori: I work with clay because of the connection it gives me to the earth, I enjoy the look and feel of raw clay before and after it has been fired. The permanence of clay is also compelling, how a pot that is made today will be here for centuries after we’re gone.

I normally create the form first while considering how I will decorate the surface, some pots speak to me after they are created, some before but it always starts with a concept of the finished piece.

Mishima is an ancient Japanese technique of carving into the clay and inlaying colored slips. Currently I have been incorporating this technique into my pieces, some are then raku fired and decorated with horse hair while others are painted and glazed in a way that produces a tattoo like quality.