Erica Arndts

Loft: D206

Golden Years: A jam packed collection of historical icons in a swinging era, displayed loudly and wildly on canvas. Hendrix, Morrison, Frank, Audrey and Marilyn are a few icons featured in this series. Music and pop culture is the main subject matter and underlying theme in my work. Bright paint on large canvas with iconic subject matter is what I enjoy creating.   With this group of paintings, I wanted to capture the essence of an era through vibrant backdrops and bold silhouettes through paint on canvas.

Oil and acrylic paint are the mediums of choice for my work. Large surfaces, canvases, walls, anything I can get my hands on are the preferred platforms to paint on. Painting with rich, bright colors on a large surface slaps your audience in the face; the art demanding attention from its viewers. Having a rock legend or pop culture icon as the subject matter forms an instant connection to your viewer, and takes them on a journey through time. Painting the electric soul of an era, a song, an icon is what I what I aim to achieve when creating art.

Life as an artist started in Ohio when I was a kid drawing pictures of bugs and animals from an encyclopedia and drawing cartoon characters. I credit High School art class for helping me discover this hidden love affair with painting and creating art. The ability to create a piece of work that connects people and makes them stop and feel is a beautiful thing. My Grandmother was an artist and another inspiration to my love for creating art. I am picking up where she left off, to leave a colorful footprint behind me, just as she did.

The launch of rock n roll in the 50’s, swinging psychedelic 60’s, soul of the 70’s, the magical history within the walls of Studio 54, Andy Warhol’s pop art movement, punk rock, grunge of Nirvana, are just some of the big players and influences in my art. Authentic memorabilia, old photographs, newspaper clippings, and documentaries are also influences behind my art; the list could continue. I am fascinated by music and culture revolution during these time periods. In fact, so much so that I paint those moments in time to tell a poignant story about snapshots of history that helped shape the world of today. Living in the Hollywood Hills in my early 20’s gave me an up close look at what life could have been like during the 60’s and 70’s. Exploring through the canyons, old quaint houses where legends once created their hit singles, and strolling down Venice Beach was a time in my life that will always be portrayed through my art. It has inspired me to paint the essence of that era and transfer that uninhibited, sexy, controversial lifestyle with a playful twist of color for my audience.

In a few words, I paint the way music and culture makes me feel. I want to seize the sound of Hendrix’s screaming electric guitar onto my canvas, the bluesy soul of Ray Charles, and the old Hollywood charm of the “Rat Pack.”

Channeling icons, music, and experiences through my art is what makes the act of creating special to me. Being able to communicate through vibrant color and big platforms conveys a clear message and feeling to my audience.

My art is my footprint.  I will continue to move and live in different areas to keep my footprint trail moving, leaving a little piece of myself in each place.  Painting is the one thing that does not feel like work to me, it’s a passion.  The ability to create something that makes a person feel something is truly remarkable, and that is what makes it so enjoyable.