Cameron Madison & Jason Andrew

Loft: C411 

Cameron: My work with leather combines fine, detail-oriented craftsmanship with unique design to produce a distinctive take on luxury fashion accessories. I use both innovative and classic forms of embellishment (i.e. quilting, piping and zipper weaving) to highlight interesting silhouettes. With every new piece I try more to break away from the styles of bags seen commonly and explore new possibilities in shape, form, material and embellishment. All of my leather accessories are 100% handmade with authentic leather and exotic skins.


Jason: Jason Andrew is founder and creative director of SUNDRIES (sun-drees), a lifestyle brand that reflects the current mood and environment in culture.

Primarily working with leather, Jason’s minimal aesthetic is rooted in a concept of quality design that look better with age. Although pieces evolve from season to season each design that comes to fruition is entirely unique and reflects the passion of craftsmanship.

The result is a brand exudes great taste and quality.