Homeowner: Edie Morton
Artist: Edie Morton
Sponsor: Cayrum 

Edie Morton’s loft is an artist’s studio and sanctuary. It was recently renovated to include a second level which could have been designed by hobbits. Upon entering, the hallway has been converted into an Italian portico with a textured tuscan wall treatment and bead-board ceiling. The bedroom transformed into into a much cozier space becoming a cocoon beneath the sea with dreamy twilight blue walls. The new level functions as an office and chill station filled with art, books, whimsical and organic artifacts. The original duct work was removed, recycled and replaced with a custom-designed duct system now concealed as a bench and shelf. The renovation foundation was constructed by Simon Davis with custom details designed and constructed by Jason Vise. Edie will be exhibiting encaustic paintings, including her latest series of Illuminated Encaustics and Floating Gardens mobiles.