Sonia Viteri

Loft: D104

“You may call it art, pretty drawings, funny drops; I call it my own expression of life: full of feelings, passion, everything else in between and always ready for more.”  Sonia Viteri – Sonialism

Born and raised in Ambato-Ecuador, Sonia Viteri was exposed to art at a very early age. Her father, Hector Viteri, had already started creating art pieces when she was a young girl which served as an inspiration for Sonia to find her own art. As a child, Sonia used to find any available piece of paper or white space to draw her own stories, thousands of pages were filled by these figures she called “monigotes”, slowly giving them shape, character and somehow life.
Throughout the years, Sonia has been using her doodles as a hobby, until recently, when Sonia discovered a new way of art. Sonia started using brush pens and paper as her medium, developing a unique style of art, using tear drops and giving them different shapes and colors,  sometimes focusing on abstract designs and at others using nature as her muse.
“This is just the beginning” Sonia says, after 36 years of contemplating sharing her art with the world.  Sonia hopes to inspire others to express themselves through their own artistic expressions.