Javier Mcintosh

Loft: F104

Javier is currently a full time artist living in downtown Atlanta. After graduating from Georgia State University with a Managerial Science degree he decided to focus all of his efforts into his photography and video craft. Over the past year he has become Director of Photography for AM Socialite, one of Atlanta’s most successful photography and marketing boutiques. During his time with AM Socialite he has worked with clients such as the ATL Falcons, Guns and Roses, the Rolling Stones, Ludacris, and Flo Rida, just to name a few.

When he is not working on private videos he is learning new techniques from friend and mentor Derek Blanks, Atlanta’s most well known celebrity photographer. During his time with Mr. Blanks he has worked with Steve Harvey, Chaka Khan, Glady’s Knight, and many more.
When he is not busy making new videos and creating creative photos he is volunteering at places such as the Big Brother Big Sister program and the Boys and Girls Club.