Hector Viteri

Loft: D104

Hector Viteri began doing woodworking art over twenty years ago. The cultural heritage and diversity of his native Ecuador are his primary inspirations.

His inspiration started by using art from renowned artists such as Oswaldo Guayasamin and Eduardo Kingman. And slowly transitioning into his own creations.

He carves faces, bodies, hands, animals, landscapes using his own natural creativity and magical hands. “My art is natural, emerging from my interior,” Viteri explains. “I enjoy sculpting wood because I believe it gives more life to figures and objects.:

“Transforming wood is something that completely satisfies me,” he claims and adds, “when I am working, I feel totally free and I forget about everything happening in the world. I could spend all my life carving wood.”

His Techniques

Viteri utilizes fine woods in his works such as mahogany, cedar, and walnut because he believes that they will endure for a long time. He uses rustic tools to give the form that he desires.

First Viteri draws the figures, then he carves them and gives them their form. After refining the work, he covers them with varnish to keep their natural colors. “My creativity and my hands give the quality and finished appearance to the sculptures,” Viteri claims.

“I can take up to twenty days to finish, depe