Darby Jones

Loft: H420

This current body of work utilizes symbolism and mark-making to explore the dynamic interplay of my own, inner narrative and my relationships with others. As with all my pieces, the works at hand evade precise affiliation with distinctive art movements but key influences include luminaries from across the artistic spectrum. These include painters Anselm Kiefer and Cy Twombly, jazz legends Sarah Vaughan and Diana Krall, the writing of e.e. cummings, Milan Kundera, and Sylvia Plath as well as my own journals which span the past 20 years.

The fragile marks and delicately rendered symbols that populate my canvases are translations of what I hear, see and feel in an attempt to capture my experience of being vulnerable in an ephemeral world. The process of creating this work is intensely personal and yet it begs to be shared; the tenuousness of life itself is offset by the sublime experience of the occasional shared moment of understanding. I paint to celebrate those moments.