Chandler Galloway

Loft: E123

Chandler Galloway is an Atlanta-based artist, designer, and musician. His diverse background in film, studio art, and psychoanalysis provides him with a unique perspective on the interactions between people, the things we surround ourselves with, and our place within modern society. Avoiding the sense of pretense that characterizes the typified “artist,” his work will often contrast a seemingly simple idea with a more conceptual second layer, all the while balancing a sense of naivety and self-awareness.

Not sticking to one specific medium, his pieces can include photography, typography design, ink drawings, watercolors, traditional painting, spray painted stencils, cardboard, or found objects. His interests in many schools of art and thought have led him to avoid being typecast, instead building upon these histories to create his own shifting style – never losing his signature “wink and nod” to the fact that his work is just a piece of paper on a wall at the end of the day.

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